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Why does God allow tragedy and suffering to exist? Why are my prayers not answered? Why does God sometimes seem so distant and uninvolved? Does God have my whole life planned out for me? Do my decisions make a difference? Why should I trust God,when nothing seems to make sense?
We all wrestle with these questions. When we go through tough times - or
unexpected joy - it’s natural to wonder how (or if ) God’s will is at work in our world. Even people who are deeply committed to their faith struggle to answer and re-answer these perplexing questions. In this series, Rev. Ruffin Stepp will make sense of these issues.
 Aug 27, 2010 God and Suffering  John 11:32-37
Sept 3, 2010 When Prayers Go Unanswered  Psalm 22:2, John 15:7, Luke 22:42
 Sept 10, 2017  God's Will for Your Life   Colossians 1:9-10, Romans 12:1-

Going Fishing: The Fishing Stories in the Gospels
Presented From: Jul 8, 2018   To: August 5, 2018
Many of the great gospel stories having something to do with fishing. Jesus called fishermen to be his disciples; he preached from the fishing boats; he called his followers to “fish for people”; he multiplied the fish and the loaves to feed the multitudes; he told parables about fishing, and the last scene we see in the gospels is Jesus helping his disciples fish. Whether you’re into fishing or not, you’ll love this special series of messages!
July 8 Cast Your Nets into the Deep Waters (Ruf)
July 15  Fishing for People (Ruf)
July 22  Parable of the Nets and Fish (Ruf)
July 29 Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand (Eric)
Aug 5  The Gospel's Final Fishing Story (Ruf)