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PWPC Daily Check-ins

Join Ruffin and the PWPC staff for a daily inspirational message.

4/13/2020- Juanita Meeks: Why Should  He Love Me So?
4/11/2020- Carol Everest: Psalm 118:24
4/10/2020- Melanie Stepp: Why "Good" Friday?
4/9/2020- Juanita Meeks: Through It All
4/8/2020- Ruffin Stepp: Draw Near to God
4/7/2020- Michael Lubben: Living our Worship Daily
4/6/2020- Carol Everest: Anxiety at the Post Office
4/4/2020- Pastor Ruf and Family: Palm Sunday Prep
4/3/2020- Carol Everest: Our Doxology
4/2/2020- Melanie Stepp: Deep Roots
4/1/2020- Michael Lubben: Recognizing God's Voice
3/31/2020- Juanita Meeks: Faith, Family, and Friends
3/30/2020- Carol Everest: Your Best Weapon
3/28/2020- Ruffin Stepp: Be Still
3/27/2020- Ruffin Stepp: Where do you Worship?
3/26/2020- Michael Lubben: 11am Worship Leader
3/25/2020- Juanita Meeks: Director of Music
3/23/2020- Ruffin Stepp: Lead Pastor
3/21/2020- Melanie Stepp: Director of Family Ministries
3/20/2020- Michael Lubben: 11am Worship Leader
3/19/2020- Ruffin Stepp: Lead Pastor
3/18/2020- Ruffin Stepp: Lead Pastor
3/17/2020- Ruffin Stepp: Lead Pastor
3/16/2020- Ruffin Stepp: Lead Pastor